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Why self-awareness?

It's a foundational skill with many benefits.

Here’s just a single day of you with improved self-awareness

Manage your energy.

Wake up and easily get out of bed because you know what makes you energized. You feel calm and motivated as you set your intentions for the day.

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Understand emotions.

At work, you need to give a presentation and your heart starts beating faster - anxiety increases. However, you understand how stress works and calm yourself in a minute.

A stylized picture of a person confidently giving a presentation in front of a board. Other people in the auditorium are listening closely

Understand others.

When discussing a project with colleagues, you see that they’re skeptical but not saying that. You understand their doubts and share your assumptions. They feel heard and you find a solution together.

A stylized picture of a person talking with their colleagues and finding an agreement about a topic

Analyze yourself.

When coming home, you naturally analyze your emotions and relieve the stress that has built up. You feel energetic and exercise or enjoy your hobbies even after a long day.

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Grow continuously.

At the end of the day, you feel fulfilled as you write down key moments and extract learnings. Each day, you understand yourself more and grow further.

A stylized picture of a person calmly sticking post-it notes on a window and creating a structure out of them. They're also holding several pieces of paper

Does it sound too good to be true?

You might doubt if it’s possible to achieve that. Notice that thought and let yourself believe that you can grow.

Because you can.

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The journey of developing self-awareness requires consistent hard work.

gilia gives you the foundation to do it effectively.

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Reflect to understand yourself and your surroundings.

Have guided reflections adapted to your needs with an AI coach that identifies opportunities for deeper analysis and helps you extract learnings and expand your perspective.

A screenshot of the Reflect feature in the app

Learn and expand your knowledge and actually implement it.

Have an AI coach guide and support you when implementing learnings and get additional knowledge about human behavior adapted to your interests and gaps.

A screenshot of the Learn feature in the app

Persist with a consistency system that supports you.

Have an AI coach that holds you accountable, helps you overcome obstacles, and gives guidance unique to you, so you stay consistent whatever happens.

A screenshot of the Persist feature in the app

See your growth and benefit from your understanding.

Have a clear and strong identity with automatically structured insights and your own growth journey to see how you’ve evolved and how you can improve further.

A screenshot of the See feature in the app

Self-awareness doesn't end with personal growth.

It's a way to improve the world around you.

Wondering where does changing the world come from?

Lack of self-awareness is a core reason for many social issues we face today.
By developing self-awareness, you join the people that solve them.

Think of self-awareness as a language...

If people knew it, we would take ownership of our lives,

fulfill our potential,

and be happier.

We would embrace the complexity of the world and choose cooperation to solve the biggest issues.

However, right now, most of us don’t speak it.

A lot of us struggle to understand ourselves, others, and the world around us.

As a result, a part of us are unsatisfied with ourselves,

have meaningless conflicts,

and become polarized.

It’s a big challenge, but we can solve these problems.

You can help by speaking this language, so others naturally pick it up as well. Help spread this language - improve self-awareness.

Improve your self-awareness, experience real personal growth, and join us in achieving this vision.

Do you like the offer, but aren’t sure if we can really deliver it?

That’s understandable. Hopefully, the answers below will help.

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